Field-Trip to TWA


This field-trip we went to Downtown Airport/ TWA Museum. This field-trip was about our transportation mode. Since it was about our group mode we payed more attention to it and took a lot of pictures. I had a great time going around looking at the things and how over the years they changed to better. […]

KC Engineering Zone


Well to start off I’m not into the whole engineering thing. But it was an enjoyable trip. When we got there we went into this room and there were 3 robotics teams, after everyone introduced themselves we were all split up and received a tour. My groups tour first went through a machine tour , […]

KC Engineering Zone


KC Engineering zone is a great field trip. We got to build a sumo-bot. Web play with the robots that other high school build. There is 3 group of robotic team from different high school in KC. The most thing I like about this field trip is we build the sumo-bot. Then we play against with […]