KC Engineering Zone


KC Engineering zone is a great field trip. We got to build a sumo-bot. Web play with the robots that other high school build. There is 3 group of robotic team from different high school in KC. The most thing I like about this field trip is we build the sumo-bot. Then we play against with […]

My Life In 20 Years

In 20 years, I will either become what I like to do or I will become one of my career choices. I choose to be one of civil engineer for my career. I’m going to college and get my degrees. I know that I will reach my career after college. Then I’m going to love […]

Field Trip to TWA


TWA museum was my second trip on the TTMaSA program. The field trip is by the downtown. Although for a long time I thought that museum was an airport. After I’ve been there it was really cool. When we got there we watched a video about the plane. When the video were over, we look […]