Field-Trip to TWA


This field-trip we went to Downtown Airport/ TWA Museum. This field-trip was about our transportation mode. Since it was about our group mode we payed more attention to it and took a lot of pictures. I had a great time going around looking at the things and how over the years they changed to better. […]

How I See Myself 20 years from Now?

Where do i see myself in 20 years, i honestly don’t know how to answer this because things happen. But I want to see myself working as a DEA Field Agent this is my dream job. I want to wake up every morning happy that i work there. In my free time i want to […]

Inspirational person


I’ve been asked to write a short essay about who inspires me the most. I thought and thought about who did but i couldn’t think of no one then i thought who else is inspiring but myself. I inspire myself because our generation is off the hook right now. It hard to choose who inspires […]