KC Engineering Zone


Well to start off I’m not into the whole engineering thing. But it was an enjoyable trip. When we got there we went into this room and there were 3 robotics teams, after everyone introduced themselves we were all split up and received a tour. My groups tour first went through a machine tour , […]

The People Who Inspire Me

The people who inspire me the most would be my three best friends. They are always there for me no matter what. All four of us hang out all of the time. Last may one of us four graduated, and next may I will graduate, and be off to college, as for our other two […]

In the next 20 years

I don’t know what exactly to expect in 20 years, because a lot can happen over time, but over that period of time I expect to see a lot of success in my life. I expect to have graduated from college with a degree in law. As I sit here right now I know exactly […]