Hot Air Balloons

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Hot Air Balloons
The first Hot Air Balloon was named “Aerostat Reveillon.” It was launched by Pilatre De Rozier on September 19th, 1783. Aerostat Reveillon stayed in the air for up to 15 minutes before landing back on the ground. The passengers who were in the Balloon weren’t human beings; they were a sheep, duck, and a rooster.
Then two years later a Hot Air Balloon was the first Balloon to fly across the English Channel, which was the longest distance a Hot Air Balloon had ever flew, by a French Balloonist Jean Pierre Blanchard, and an American pilot John Jefferies. A few years late Pierre Blanchard was the first to fly an Air Balloon in North America and George Washington was present to watch (
The Hot Air Balloon continued to progress which resulted in an Air Balloon setting the altitude record of 13.7 miles high. This had proved that humans can survive at such a high altitude. According to, “this flight set a milestone for aviation and helped pave the way for future space travel.”
Now Hot Air balloons are being used as entertainment for families, friends, or dates. You can go online to set a time and date for a ride. Or you can advertise your business on a Hot Air Balloon to promote your business.

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