Types of Planes

Single Engine: The speed of a single engine plane can go up to 322 mph and dives at 252 mph. But, there are also different types of single engine planes (Piper Lance, Piper Cherokee).

Twin Engine: A twin engine airplane was considered to be the most effective and safe. Just in case one engine blew out there was still one more left so that the pilot can fly to safety.

Sport Plane: Sport planes are used for entertainment.They have just become popular in 2004, because people dreamed of doing it now it’s possible.

Cargo Plane: Cargo planes had a small objective during the 1930’s, because we were mainly focused on bombers. Now cargo planes are used to ship inventory such as (Food, Cars, Medicine, Other Planes, Supplies).

Water Plane: The water plane is designed to have a boat-hull fuselage. It’s constructed with the buoyancy and strength necessary to land and float on water. The Sea plane was built by American Glenn H. Curtis in 1911. It became the largest and fastest plane during the 1920’s & 30’s.

Turboprops: A turboprop is a turbine engine that drives the aircraft propeller. One or more gas turbines are connected to the gearbox that turns the propellers.