Field-Trip to TWA


This field-trip we went to Downtown Airport/ TWA Museum. This field-trip was about our transportation mode. Since it was about our group mode we payed more attention to it and took a lot of pictures. I had a great time going around looking at the things and how over the years they changed to better.

We had a tour around and learned about the planes and motors that we would see. We also learned about the CO-Founders of TWA which were; Paul Richter, Jack Frye, and Walter Hamilton. They all shared the inspirational love of flights and the future of aviation. The museum was set in like a timeline which we started off with the oldest then ended up to the newest airplanes. We also saw how the attire changed as well, from like simple to more elegant style.

I liked the fact that we had the chance to go in two of the airplanes there. I noticed that the first one had less seats and each seat had a little cigarette thing, because back then almost everyone would smoke. The second one was a little bigger I think, it had more passenger seats, but it was nice seeing the inside of the airplanes.



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