KC Engineering Zone


Well to start off I’m not into the whole engineering thing. But it was an enjoyable trip. When we got there we went into this room and there were 3 robotics teams, after everyone introduced themselves we were all split up and received a tour. My groups tour first went through a machine tour , then got to learn how to drive different robots, after that was when we got to make these little sumo robots. All the different groups little robots that they made went against each other. That was pretty much all that went on.

I think it was really cool how we got to all make our own little sumo robots and they all went against each other. That was a fun part of the field trip. It was a pretty good day even though I couldn’t stand for long periods of time I still enjoyed the field trip. It was a good learning experience for those who have never messed with robots like that. I enjoyed it and I’m pretty sure most of the other students did as well. It was great.

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