field trip


Kc Engineering zone was the funnest field trip I’ve been to because of how everyone got along and see who’s bot can win the sumo wrestling. i got to go against everyone from the groups i could go against. I saw that the people that would show us more about what they do is more […]

Kc Engineering Zone


Overall I enjoyed this particular field trip the most. The reason why I enjoyed it is because we had to build Lego’s and make them to sumo-bots. My sumo-bot was named the “Bull”, because we went undefeated at first then we lost to one team they cheated though. Then we were told what different types […]

The People Who Inspire Me

The people who inspire me the most would be my three best friends. They are always there for me no matter what. All four of us hang out all of the time. Last may one of us four graduated, and next may I will graduate, and be off to college, as for our other two […]