In the next 20 years

I don’t know what exactly to expect in 20 years, because a lot can happen over time, but over that period of time I expect to see a lot of success in my life. I expect to have graduated from college with a degree in law. As I sit here right now I know exactly […]

My Life In 20 Years

In 20 years, I will either become what I like to do or I will become one of my career choices. I choose to be one of civil engineer for my career. I’m going to college and get my degrees. I know that I will reach my career after college. Then I’m going to love […]

How I See Myself 20 years from Now?

Where do i see myself in 20 years, i honestly don’t know how to answer this because things happen. But I want to see myself working as a DEA Field Agent this is my dream job. I want to wake up every morning happy that i work there. In my free time i want to […]