Thank You

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Thank you to TTMaSA for letting me be a part of this program. I’ve had a good time in this program and met new people. It’s made me realize that there’s always a way to get through things. My group made me notice that they will always help me and not make me do things by myself. I want my group to come on top from the rest.                     By- Ulysses Guzman

I just want to say thank you to the TTMASA program for giving me the opportunity to experience this program. At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this program but it turns out I enjoyed it more than I had expected. This program has helped me to meet new people, also to learn and experience new things. It was cool getting to experience all the different little experiments and projects we made as teams to compete with one another, that helped me in team work. Just the program as a whole was a really great experience, so I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity I was given.

By: Kaitlyn Myers

I want to thank our councilors and instructors for taking the time to lead us in the TTMaSA program, which has helped us learn a lot in Math, Science, English and Technology. Math was a little difficult but I learned many things throughout this program and had the chance to meet other students from other schools. I also want to thank KDOT and Federal Highway Administration for sponsoring this program and the field-trips along with it as well. This is a great experience that should keep going so others like myself can have this opportunity. Thank You for this experience.

By: Ivet Elizalde

Thank you TTMaSA for letting me experience a lot during these last couple of weeks. I had a good time meeting new people and going to new places. Being in this program made me interested in many more things and it also makes me think in a way that I can push my mind way out of my comfort zone. I hated the math part of the program but I managed to get through it. I cant wait to go on these last few field trips (KDOT, KC Engineering Zone, Pony Express Museum). But I also want to give thanks to KDOT and Federal Highway for sponsoring this program. Thank You for this great experience.

By: Orlando Brown

I want to thank the TTMaSA program for letting me participate in the program. I also want to thank my group for all the hard work. I enjoyed meeting new people in this program. I learned more about math that I hadn’t learned before. The thing I enjoyed the most is going on the field trips. Thank you to KDOT for having the TTMaSA program. It was really fun to participate in this program.

By: Ei Ei Pyoe